Keep Safe & Secure Steps Up To Offer Free Security To Doncaster Church Burgled Seven Times

At Keep Safe & Secure, our mission goes beyond just offering robust security services. We aim to protect communities, ensuring that safe spaces remain secure for those who rely on them. Recently, our team had the opportunity to put this commitment into action, in response to a series of unfortunate events at a local church in Balby, Doncaster.

St John The Evangelist Church, a significant pillar of the community with a food and clothes bank, was victimised by a determined intruder seven times. The culprit, caught on CCTV, violated the peace of this sacred space and threatened the support system it offers to those in need. The method of entry involved damaging a beautiful, historic stained glass window, and the intruder made off with generous donations meant for those less fortunate.

In light of these unsettling occurrences, our Leeds-based security firm stepped in to offer support. Recognising the vital role that the church plays in its community, Keep Safe & Secure decided to provide four weeks of free overnight security. This offer not only addresses the security issues unique to places of worship, but it also showcases our dedication to community service and empathy.

As part of the Keep Safe & Secure team, James Michie, Head of Sales & BDM, commented ‘As we undertake the responsibility to protect the church, we encourage the culprit to engage in dialogue with the church community. We firmly believe that understanding and open conversation can lead to a sustainable long-term resolution.’

Mirroring this sentiment, St John The Evangelist Church has issued an invitation to the intruder to come forward and communicate their concerns or needs. Their compassionate response aligns with their mission of providing support and empathy.

When this story was featured on BBC’s regional news program, Look North, it resonated deeply with viewers across Yorkshire. Our involvement highlighted not only the community’s challenges but also the resilience and solidarity shown in response to adversity.

In a world where places of worship grapple with maintaining accessibility while ensuring security, Keep Safe & Secure is committed to safeguarding these spaces. Our response to the situation at St John The Evangelist Church demonstrates that community spirit and solidarity can triumph over destructive actions.

Ultimately, this story of resilience, compassion, and community cooperation reminds us that while the actions of one person can bring about harm, the collective power of a community can foster healing and strength. It serves as a powerful testament to our core belief at Keep Safe & Secure: we are here to protect, serve, and contribute positively to our communities.

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