Keep Safe & Secure's Stewarding and Security Services at Cheltenham Races for National Express

Keep Safe & Secure, renowned for their comprehensive security solutions, was presented with a unique opportunity to provide stewarding and security services at the prestigious Cheltenham Races for National Express. During this period, the UK was experiencing widespread train strikes, leading to an unprecedented reliance on coach services for transportation to the event.

Group of workers in orange vests on airport runway

The Challenge

The train strikes posed a significant logistical challenge, as the majority of racegoers depended on coaches for transportation. National Express, facing the prospect of managing large crowds and ensuring safe, orderly transport, required a robust security and stewarding solution to handle the increased volume of passengers and potential complexities

The Solution

Keep Safe & Secure deployed a team of professional stewards and security personnel, specifically trained for large event management. Their responsibilities included safeguarding passengers, managing crowd flow, and providing directions to and from the coaches. The team was equipped with communication tools and real-time coordination capabilities to handle the dynamic environment effectively.

A table displaying numerous saftey jackets and various security items.


The operation was meticulously planned. Security personnel were strategically stationed at key points to efficiently manage the flow of passengers. Stewards were briefed to offer assistance, manage queues, and ensure a smooth transition for passengers between the racecourse and coach pick-up/drop-off points. Special attention was given to accessibility needs and emergency response preparedness.


The stewarding and security services provided by Keep Safe & Secure were instrumental in managing the influx of passengers using coach services. There were no significant security incidents, and the feedback from racegoers was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the professionalism and efficiency of the staff. National Express reported a well-managed and successful operation, despite the challenging circumstances.

Conclusion and Future Recommendations

This case exemplifies Keep Safe & Secure’s ability to adapt to unique challenges and provide effective security solutions in high-pressure environments. The company recommends ongoing training for staff in large-scale event management and suggests continuous improvement of crowd management strategies.

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