Overnight Mobile Patrols and Manned Guarding at Beechwood House for CMC Properties

CMC Properties, managing Beechwood House, a residential complex housing students and professionals, faced heightened security concerns. Due to its location and rising break-in statistics in the surrounding area, there was an urgent need for enhanced security measures.

A warning sign on a fence in front of a house, indicating potential hazards or dangers nearby.

The Challenge

Beechwood House’s vulnerability to potential break-ins posed a significant risk to the safety of its residents and the security of their belongings. The challenge was to implement a security solution that was both effective and minimally intrusive to the daily lives of the residents.

The Solution

Keep Safe & Secure responded to this challenge by deploying a combination of overnight mobile patrol services and manned guarding. This dual approach was designed to offer comprehensive coverage of the property, ensuring constant surveillance and a visible security presence to deter potential intruders.

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The mobile patrol service involved regular and unpredictable patrols around the property, covering all access points and vulnerable areas. The patrolling officers were equipped with communication devices for real-time reporting and coordination. In conjunction, manned guarding services provided a static, continuous presence at key locations, especially during high-risk hours. The guards were trained to respond effectively to any security breaches while maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor for residents.


The implementation of these security measures led to a marked decrease in security incidents at Beechwood House. Residents reported feeling safer and more secure, and there was a noticeable decline in the anxiety related to potential break-ins. CMC Properties observed a positive impact on the reputation of Beechwood House as a safe living environment.

Conclusion and Future Recommendations

This case demonstrates Keep Safe & Secure’s ability to tailor security solutions to specific client needs. Their combination of mobile patrols and manned guarding proved effective in mitigating the risk of break-ins at Beechwood House. It is recommended to continue this approach and periodically reassess the security measures to adapt to any changing circumstances.

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